Where can you go and hear drums, heavy bass, and trumpet on stage when the performers don’t have any instruments?  I can tell you in one word – SIX.  Imagine 6 brothers taking the stage and everything you hear is created from their voices.  You hear the bass & snare drums as well as the cymbals.  You hear the deep low tones of a bass guitar and the unmistakable sound of a trumpet.  Add in the wonderful voices of the other brothers and you have SIX.

Owen, Lynn, Kevin, Jak, Barry, and Curtis are 6 of 10 brothers who are acappella performers that take singing without instruments to a new level.  They create the music vocally.  Owen does a majority of the drum beats while Jak usually takes the role of bass guitar, but they all prove during the show that they can all sing wonderfully.

The show opens with “Bright Sunny Day” & “On Broadway” and you wonder how these guys can keep up the pace.  They are constantly moving on stage as you can see in the pictures.  After each one shows us a little of their talent to create instrument sounds they introduce each other and say where they were born.  Sounds like all over the country.  We then get to go on a journey across the country, hearing music from all over – Doo Wop, Motown, Beach Boys, the list goes on.

You’ll hear, “Grease Lightning”, Big Girls Don’t Cry, Walk Like A Man. Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch, I’ve Got Sunshine, Heard It On The Grape Vine, Sherry, and so many more.  The guys don’t just sing either; they are truly showmen in every sense of the word.  They entertain, with their music, and they make you laugh.  Curtis comes out as Wayne Newton, Lynn does his best at Tom Jones, and Kevin brings out the king – Elvis. 

We all get to go to California at the end of this segment where we hear Beach Boys – I Get Around, Barbara Ann, Surfin’ USA, Kokomo, & Good Vibrations.  Don’t get too comfortable in your seat cause you get to sing too.  During Help Me Rhonda, they turn to the audience to help sing.  They split the crowd in two sides and see who can sing the loudest.  Of course my side won since I had Branson Son and Branson Daughter with me.  All this in the first half!

 After break we hear “I Believe I Can Fly”, “Let Me Be Your Hero”, “Shout” and a wonderful new type of music the guys created.  They mixed Barbershop style singing and rock music to create Barber-Rock singing, “I get knocked down, but I get up again”.  I don’t think it will catch on, but do love the Barbershop harmonies.  We then get to hear about their mother that they lost to cancer and are treated to a song written by one of the brothers, “Love Times 10”. We watch a video about their mother and the 10 boys she had.  The end of the show was “Amazing Grace” followed by “Battle Hymn Of The Republic”.

It is clear to see why this show was voted “Best New Show in Branson 2007”.  To make sure you get a chance to see the show, go to or call 417-239-4274.  Tell them you read the review on and you will get $5 off an adult ticket.  Hope you all enjoy SIX as much as the Branson Family does!