Pierce Arrow

Question:  How do you describe the Pierce Arrow show in one word?  Answer: You Don’t!  The Pierce Arrow show has so much going on during the show it’s hard to describe it in one review, much less one word.  You’ve got Country, and Comedy, Gospel, and Comedy, Disco, and Comedy. Did I mention the show has Comedy?

The show started with the five members of Pierce Arrow on stage along with Dan Britton singing “Listen to the Music”, followed by “Gambling Man”.  Songs that are very well suited for the harmonies these guys have singing together.  Each in turn sang verses and then the whole gang joined in on the chorus.  You could tell these guys just loved to sing and the show was just an excuse to sing out loud and strong.

 Follow this up with Desta singing “I Will Survive”, “Last Dance”, and “Dancing In The Street”.  There was a disco ball above the crowd and even the Musical Director; Bobby Blackburn was dancing with Desta.  He actually got a little carried away, but hey, it’s all fun. J 

 For the Johnny Cash fans, you will surely want to hear Tim Storms as he takes his Guinness book of world record holding voice very very low doing “I Walk The Line”.  The whole gang sings several more Johnny Cash songs.  Jarrett Dougherty provides comedy through out the show, including his duet with Desta singing as June Carter & Johnny Cash.

 Kim Boyce, Miss Florida in 1984, took the stage singing “Something To Talk About”.  A stunning voice in a beautiful lady.  She hasn’t lost her charm.  Following Kim was a man you don’t want to get into a one on one conversation with.  Preacher Cecil Watkins (Jarrett) will show you why everyone says – HE AIN’T RIGHT!  His whole sermon has lots of facts in it, but they are all wrong and you will just laugh till it hurts.  Next comes a whole selection of Gospel songs right before the break.

 The band opens the second half with “East Bound & Down”, a song made popular by the Smokey & the Bandit movie.  It was sung by Mitch Kursey, the bands lead guitar.  He was accompanied by Will Henderson - drummer, Randy McConnell – bass guitar, and Bobby Blackburn - piano.  Jarrett could not stay off the stage long when he heard the song “9 to 5”.  He came out dressed as Dolly Parton and I gotta tell ya, the boy can’t sing.  Thank goodness for Desta who took over for him singing the rest of the song, much, much better on the ears, and the eyes. J

Kim came out and sang “I Will Always Love You” and followed that with a duet, “(I've Had) the Time of My Life”,  with her husband and Pierce Arrow member Gary Koreiba.  The rest of the Pierce Arrow guys not previously mentioned Casey Ellison, Jeff Weight, and Cole Currier, joined the others on stage to sing a few acappella songs.  The end of the show was the whole cast singing “Don’t Stop Believing”, asking for everyone to keep believing in God - Have Faith.

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