Clay Cooper's Country Music Express (& More)

You know how you can drive up and down the street, passing up a restaurant or deli several times, never going in until one day you stop in and find a hidden gem that you never knew existed.  Clay Coopers show is one such hidden gem.  I cannot recommend this show enough.  The theater is small but that isn’t a hindrance for it makes the show more personal.  Clay is one of those entertainers that when you see him, you feel you already know him – he’s the guy next door that just happens to sing.

The show is called Country Music Express, but it should be named Country Music Express & MORE.  Sure you get to hear great country hits like “Big Dog Daddy”, “Mama Tried”, and a Conway Twitty medley, but you also get to see unusual and hilarious comedy, along with impersonations of “Billy Ray Cirus”, Garth Brooks”, Willie Nelson”, “Julio Iglesias”, “Hank Williams Jr.”, “Charlie Daniels”, “Brooks & Dunn”, “Crystal Gayle”, “Oak Ridge Boys”, and you guessed it “Elvis”.  Elvis was quite a few years younger than I remembered, but you’ll enjoy the twist. 

Johnny Lonestar took the stage and showed us just why he was on America’s Got Talent.  He did rope tricks, gun slinging, and whip snapping.  I especially liked the neon lights and glow rope twirling, but unfortunately the camera didn’t.  You’ll just have to go watch the show to see the neon glow ropes.

Another reason for “MORE” is the Blue Man Group pipe drumming, the Jazz, River Dance, and Stomp style dancing.  Overall, the show may be named Country Music Express, but the amount of talent in this crew shows you so much “MORE”.

This show is truly wonderful. To make sure you get a chance to see the show, go to or call 417-239-4274.  Tell them you read the review on and you will get $3 off an adult ticket.