Silver Dollar City Christmas


For many of us going to SDC at Christmas time is the perfect way to start off the Christmas season.  With the vender carts selling hot cider or hot chocolate, the large Christmas tree in the middle of town square, and the lights covering every building, what could be more festive?  The odd part was that we went last week on opening day and the weather was a brisk 70 degrees.   Wait, 70 isnít brisk you say.  Nope, I was sweating, LOL.  It will turn cold soon enough but the non-water rides were still open.  We stayed till 11:00 pm when the park closed and I took several pictures of the buildings and the Christmas decorations.

We didnít get to see the Christmas parade this time but hope to see it next time.  Because the Dickenís Christmas Carol in the Opera House fills up so quickly, we went there first and stood in line.  Luckily, we got to sit near the front for some awesome pictures.  I was so happy the guy playing scrooge was the same I had seen last year.  I think he makes a wonderful scrooge.  You really must see the show.  Itís worth standing in line for.

Afterward, we went back to the top to eat at the buffet house.  Itís just to the right as you enter the park.  This time we ate at the first of three buffet places in the same building.  They had turkey and dressing, mashed potatoes and wonderful turkey gravy, green beans and fried chicken.  Being a health conscious eater, I started with salad and then my taste buds took over and I had two plates of food Ė IT WAS TOO GOOD to pass up!  After all, this is the season to eat, isnít it?  I left there stuffed like a turkey.

We walked all over the park after dinner and took more pictures.  We rode some rides, once our stomachs settled, and enjoyed the lights.  We watched as the town square tree lit up in several different ways.  Too many bulbs to count on that tree but every square inch was covered with all the colors of the rainbow.  They turned on whatever color they wanted to create patterns, it was remarkable.  I had heard the tree got struck by lightning and ďkilledĒ the tree, but BRAVO to the SDC workers who repaired the tree overnight the night before we got there.  I would never have known unless someone told me. 

I am sure we will go back again and again as this is our favorite time of year at SDC.  I hope you get a chance to come down to Branson this Christmas season to enjoy in the magic of Christmas in Branson.  Call 417-239-4274 to get an Adult - SDC 2-day pass for $50.00.  That's 2 days of fun for less than the price of a one day pass on the SDC website!