Shepherd of the Hills Outdoor Drama

Went to a show last night that had it all, Gun fight, Knife fight, A Hanging, Romance, Heartache, Joy, Comedy, Horses, Sheep, Mules, Moonshine, and Drama.  You probably guessed it by the title of the page, we saw the Shepherd of the Hills show last night and it had everything.

I won’t tell you the whole story line, but I will tell you there are three stories wrapped up into one show.  All three stories unfold around one central character – “Dad” Howard – the Shepherd of the Hills.  One story line involves his son, who went to the Ozarks to paint.  He met and married Old Matt’s daughter.  “Dad” told his son to come home back East.  The loss of her husband made her go crazy and she died.  The rest of this story unfolds to forgiveness from one father to another.

The second story involves the Baldknobbers – once vigilantes that helped the common folk of the hills – now turned to crime themselves.  They rob a bank and hurt the innocent people of the area.  They try to burn down “Dad’s” cabin in a spectacular blaze.  Wash Gibbs and his gang try to hang Young Matt unsuccessfully, only to be shot down by the real law later.

The third and last story is one of romance and the choice Sammy Lane has to make.  Three characters are after the affections of Sammy, Wash Gibbs – one of the notorious Baldknobbers, Ollie Stewart – a rich gentleman from Springfield, and Young Matt – a simple man making a simple living in the Ozark hills.  Sammy learns from “Dad” Howard that you don’t have to be rich to be a lady. 

During intermission, feel free to go down to the stage area and mingle with the actors.  You might want to join in and do some square dancing with the cast.  The only snack bar is at the top of the hill so make sure to get your snacks before sitting down.  If you forget, they have a walking vendor with soda, popcorn, and cotton candy.  I didn't list cast names in the pictures because they change characters frequently, so follow this CAST LINK to match faces with names in the performance.  


This show is truly wonderful. To make sure you get a chance to see the show, go to or call 417-239-4274.  Tell them you read the review on and you will get $6 off an adult ticket.