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Shake Rattle & Roll 2011

Hello to all. This is Branson Bride speaking. I had been thinking for a little while now I should give this review thing a try so I hope I live up to Branson Dadís great reviews.


We went to Shake, Rattle and Roll for the first time and I must say I was taken back to the 50s even though I wasnít born in that time frame myself. It was amazing. So many wonderful costumes and such a high energy show. They went from song to song to song without hardly taking a breath in between. It kept my attention the whole time just to see what was coming next.


Now, my father is one of the 50s generation so I know the songs all too well. The beginning of the show started with the title song, Shake, Rattle & Roll. It was a nice touch.With the 5 talented singers performing songs like Rock Around the Clock, PoisonIvy, Johnny Be Good, Stand By Me, Why Do Fools Fall in Love, Only You, and finishing off the first half with a medley with Elvis Presley hits was great. Then the second half was poodle skirts starting of with Lets go to the Hop, Big Girlís Donít Cry, Walk Like a Man, Just to Good to Be True, and a wonderful rendition of the song Unchained Medley. They also shared the stage with 6 very talented dancers who kept step with them which in my opinion helped make the show 10 times more exciting since they kept it moving from one song to the next without any long periods of dead air time.


It is one show I can not wait to go back and see again, and Iím bringing my family with me. So I rate it as a must see show for all ages!Be prepared to be taken back and blown away.

To make sure you get to go to this wonderful show, call 417-239-4274 or visit

Pay just $30.00 an Adult, That's $5.00 off the Box Office rate.

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