SIX 2010

Went to the SIX show last night and it looks like they are going to have another fabulous year in 2010.  New songs, New choreography, and New jokes.  Six has come a long way since they made their debut in the Branson area.  Sure they were voted Best New Show, and Best Show in Branson several years in a row, but in my opinion, this was their best performance I've seen.

If you've never heard of SIX, let me explain what you'll see.  These guys are six of ten brothers with a unique talent of not only singing acappella, but they create music with their voices too.  You'll hear drums, trumpets, bass and electric guitars, synthesizers, and many other instruments, but none are on stage.  All the sounds you hear are created with their voices.  Now these guys won't just stand there and go "la, la, la here's my talent".  They are true performers and when you leave the show, you can't help but say "WOW".

They sing many songs from the 50's, 60's, and 70's, like "Stop in the name of Love", "Heard it through the Grape Vine", and "Sugar Pie Honey Bunch".  They also sing several Beach Boys favorites like "I get around", "Barbara Ann", "Help me Rhonda", "Surfin' USA", and "California Girl".  I especially loved the newest song they added "Carry on my Wayward Son" by Boston.  When I heard this song I admit I was mouthing the words thru the whole song and hoped I didn't start singing out loud.

I won't list every song you'll hear, but will say that you will find it hard to find a song you don't recognize.  I strongly encourage you to see this show if you haven't seen it before.  Even if you have seen it in the past, go again.  You won't be disappointed.  I have it on good authority that they are still not done making changes to the show this year.

Because this show is so popular, it does sell out so make sure to reserve your seats early. To make sure you get to go to this wonderful show, call 417-239-4274 or visit  Follow this link to see their 2010 show schedule.

Pay just $30.00 an Adult, That's $4.42 off the Box Office rate.

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