SIX 2009

What can I possibly say about these SIX guys that hasn’t already been said?  I’m not sure, but I can tell you that we went to the show the other night and they were Awesome!  The show has several changes from last year as well as some of the same songs and comedy we know and love.

For those readers who aren’t familiar with SIX, they are six brothers who have created a show around an amazing talent – they sing, dance, and create music, but not just any music.  All the music you hear is created by their voices.  You’ll hear drums, trumpets, guitars, bass, - the whole band, and everything is created live before your eyes.

You’ll hear songs like, “It’s A Beautiful Day”, “Love Train”, “Heard It Through The Grape Vine”, and “Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch”.  During the beginning of the show they introduce themselves and individually show off by performing solos, Owen on Drums, Jak on bass, Barry on trumpet, and so on.  This year Curtis brought us the electric guitar, very impressive.  The show also had lots of fun in it with “special appearances” by Frankie Vallie – “Big Girls Don’t Cry”, Wayne Newton – “Dunka Shane”, Tom Jones – “It’s Not Unusual”, and even Elvis sang “Jail House Rock”. 

The guys had a great time singing some beach party songs by the Beach Boys, “I Get Around”, “Surfing USA”, “Help Me Rhonda”, and “Good Vibrations”.  Owen, who usually keeps the beat performing drums, got his chance to sing a new song this year,”With Or Without You”.  It was a crowd pleaser.  Jak is the clown of the group, always getting a laugh from the audience for his antics.  His rendition of “Let Me Be Your Hero” had the crowd rolling in the aisles. 

The second half is filled with more music like “Who Wrote the Book Of Love”. Dream”, "That Will Be The Day”, "The Lion Sleeps Tonight”, “Rockin Robin”, and “Earth Angel”.  They even invented a new type of music that you simply have to hear called Barber-Rock.  I look forward to more songs sung in that style.  The six brothers are part of a family of ten boys whose mother died of cancer.  “Love Times Ten” is a tribute song to their mother that you will enjoy listening to as you watch a slide show of their family.  The show ends with “Amazing Grace” and – in honor of the veterans and those still serving – “God Bless The USA”.

This show was voted Best New Show in 2007 and Best Show in 2008.  I think it’s in the running for another award this year.  To make sure you get to go to this wonderful show, call 417-239-4274 or visit  Follow this link to see their 2009 show schedule.

Pay just $29.00 an Adult, That's $5.42 off the Box Office rate.


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