Red Skelton Tribute

I went to the Red Skelton Tribute show by Tom Mullica the other day.  It was a wonderful show – filled with laughs and original routines by the master himself.  We saw lovable characters brought to life by Tom – just as Red did originally.  If you ever saw Red Skelton while he was alive, the show will take you back so you can laugh all over again.

Tom explained how each character of Red’s was created to bring across messages to the people.  For example, San Fernando Red was political, while Freddy the Freeloader was to bring across ideas from a poor person’s point of view.

A lot of what Tom did was small skits that he set up the scene and you watched as he performed without words.  Some examples of these is the man seeing his new born baby for the first time in the maternity ward, or the old man and young boy fishing – of course the young boy caught all the fish, or the old veteran at the parade wearing his medals he got during the war, watching as the band and honor guard marched by.  You know what the characters are doing, thinking, and saying without a word being spoken.  Sometimes you see the most hilarious situations – you can’t help but laugh.

You watch as Tom brings back to life the skit done by Red Skelton – Guzzlers Gin.  It was the prelude to the Vitameatavegamin skit on I Love Lucy.  He had the whole crowd laughing.  His assistant, Stephan Holmes, was a wonderful straight man and should be commended.  How he keeps a straight face is beyond me.  Tom does the Pledge of Allegiance the same way Red did, explaining what every word in the pledge means.  Brings out the Patriot in all of us.

You will most certainly enjoy the show. To make sure you get a chance to see the show, go to or call 417-239-4274.  Tell them you read the review on and you will get $2.00 off an adult ticket.