Pierce Arrow 2009

It's easy to see why this show displays "SOLD OUT" on their marquee so often. There is a lot of talent on that stage. On the night we went to the show, Jarrett Dougherty could not have said it better when he told the audience, "I must be firing on all cylinders tonight!" He didn't let anyone leave that theater without a smile on their face from the hilarious characters he presented to us.

As a matter of fact, Jarrett - I mean Floyd the Flusher started the show with a song and dance - YMCA.  He had the whole audience on their feet.  The guys of Pierce Arrow, Cole Currier, Casey Ellison, Tim Storms, Gary Koreiba, and newcomer Larry Turner, came out to sing "Listen To The Music" and "Ramblin' Man".  You could tell they were having just as much fun singing as we enjoyed listening.  Desta was up next singing some Disco favorites, "I Will Survive", "Last Dance", and "Dancing In The Street".  While she sang, Desta was trying to get Bobby to dance with her.  Bobby had no problem "hamming it up" for the audience.  The guys came back out to do a Johnny Cash medley with songs like "Ring Of Fire", "I Walk The Line", and "Jackson Town".  Tim Storms currently holds 2 Guinness Book Records for Lowest Note and for Widest Range.  It was great hearing him hit the Johnny Cash low notes in those songs.

Last cast member to appear was former Miss Florida - Kim Boyce singing, "Something To Talk About". I personally wish she had more stage time.  I just love her voice.  Later in the show she sang "I Will Always Love You" and did a duet with her husband Gary Koreiba, "The Time Of My Life" from Dirty Dancing.  Brother Cecil Watkins (another character of Jarrett's), took the stage to preach in his own special way.  He doesn't have his facts straight, but his heart is in the right place.  "Honolulu...... I wanna go there!" - you'll know what this means when you see the show.  The guys come back out to sing some Gospel to finish the first half of the show.

The band, Mitch Kursey - guitar, Bobby Blackburn - Keyboards, Will Henderson - Drums, and Randy McConnell - Bass start the second half with "East Bound And Down" with Smokey and the Bandit movie clips playing in the background.  Jarrett dressed as Dolly sings, "9 To 5", but thank goodness for Desta who boots Jarrett off the stage and finishes the song.  So much nicer hearing her voice than Jarrett's.  The guys finish the show singing "It's Alright" acappella style, "Pretty Woman", and "He Ain't The Leaving Kind". Everyone came back to end the show with, "Don't Stop Believing".

To make sure you get to go to this wonderful show, call 417-239-4274 or visit BransonQuicktix.com.  Follow this link to see their 2009 show schedule.

Pay just $29.00 an Adult, That's $2.81 off the Box Office rate.


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