Peter Pan starring Cathy Rigby 2009

Funny how all my childhood I wanted to grow up and do the things that grown ups do, and all that time was wasted.  I could have been on an adventure with Peter Pan in Neverland.  Guess it's too late to go there now, but at least I have the newest production to come to Branson - The Broadway production of Peter Pan starring Cathy Rigby.  I enjoyed this show so much I will have to go back again and again.

We all know the story of how Peter Pan & Tinkerbell, took John, Michael and Wendy to Neverland to see the Lost Boys, Tiger Lilly, and fight the infamous Captain Hook, Mr. Smee, and their band of pirates.  What was magical about this night was seeing it brought to life on stage - complete with FLYING!!!  We all know Cathy from her gymnast days but she hasn't lost her flexability, and WOW can she sing and act!!!  I can see this being the most popular show in Branson this year.

There are a few people I want to make special note of.  Tiger Lilly is played by Chloe Leatherwood - who just happens to be Cathy's neice.  Chloe is quite a wonderful dancer.  I especially enjoyed the part of the show where the Lost Boys and Indians have a party.  Cathy, Chloe, and the rest of the cast on stage play a large drum and drumsticks on the floor.  It brought applause from the audience that lasted several minutes.  I also think Tom Wolf as Captain Hook, and Derrick Snow as Mr. Smee deserve mention.  They played off each other very well.  Bravo!!

I won't go into the story line - for it follows the cartoon version very well, but rest assured you will see Tinkerbell and scream out "I Believe In Fairies" to save her life.  You will see a crocodile chasing after Captain Hook to eat the rest of him.  Lastly, you will find yourself transported to the magical world of Neverland and wish to Never Grow Up!!!!

There were no pictures allowed so I do not have any to show you, but I did find a video on You Tube that was put there by the people who helped Cathy fly so I offer it to you.  It shows a small part of the show from long ago but highlights Cathy flying and singing, and yes, she does twist and spin just like in this video.


To make sure you get to go to this wonderful show, call 417-239-4274 or visit  Follow this link to see their 2009 show schedule.

Pay just $44.00 an Adult, That's $4.00 off the Box Office rate.



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