#1 Hits of the 60's 2009

Went to the #1 Hits of the 60's show the other night and was pleasantly surprised to find the show has changed.  Not only are they now in a different theater - The Caravelle, they also have new cast members and changed the flow of the show.  They still perform some great hits from the 1960's, but now they do it in a new show - with different costumes, different sets, and different order.  One thing hasn't changed, they still have some awesome talent on stage that is sure to take you back to the 60's.

All the songs they sing were on the top 40 charts during the 60's - songs like "The Name Game", "This Magic Moment", "My Little Runaway", "I'm a Believer", and "Good Love".  They also sing some of the classic funny songs from that time period like "Wooly Bully", "I'm Henry The 8th I Am", "Monster Mash", and "Guitarzan".  There is no shortage of great songs in this show and to list them all would take a long time, so let me tell you about the talent.  Two of the singers from last year are still with the show, Amber Campbell, and Josh Barnhart.  New to the cast are Jeanna Kilbane, Robyn Hurst, Bud Hutchison, and Rhett Thomas.  Together this cast has the right combination of voices to sing the songs close to the original artists. I truly enjoyed listening to them sing.  The band also has a few returning members, Bennett McLeod and Ken Christianson - new members are Colt Straub and Steve Black.  

I can tell you that even though the show has changed from years past, I think they made the show even better than before.  This is truly one show you won't want to miss if your a fan of 60's music.

To make sure you get to go to this wonderful show, call 417-239-4274 or visit BransonQuicktix.com.  Follow this link to see their 2009 show schedule.

Pay just $26.00 an Adult, That's $3.00 off the Box Office rate.


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