Noah the Musical

Went to see the Noah show tonight.  I am partial to Theatrical productions after seeing my son in so many High school plays so I can hope that this is not biased.  I can tell you that after hearing or reading many other opinions about the show, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  Now that I have seen it for myself, I will tell you, I liked it.  Unfortunately, there were no pictures allowed so no pics to look at.

The show started with a young woman coming on stage telling everyone how a farmer and his wife started the Sight & Sound theatre 7 years ago.  They were driven to share the word of God.  When she left the stage the show began.  On a large screen across the stage, there was a short “movie” about the creation of Adam and Eve and their ejection from Eden.  The story continued with how men were corrupted and evil, except for Noah.

The musical begins with Noah singing about a beautiful day that Yahweh had provided him.  Yahweh spoke to Noah, telling him about building the Ark.  From there, the story goes through several scenes to show the difficulties Noah and his family endured as they planned out and started building the Ark.  I should mention that a narrator announced that the musical was not true to the Bible version and some fictional characters were included to the story line.  The rest of the first act was spent building the Ark and dealing with all their friends disowning them and going to the big city to follow a self-proclaimed king.

The second act, after intermission, showed Noah and his family in the Ark and how they endured the year before they had a chance to leave the Ark.  The most memorable part of the Ark was when the act opened; Noah came in through the Ark door and lit the fire on stage.  At that moment, the lights came up along the sides of the theater, displaying that we were inside the Ark.  There were animals of all kinds along either sidewall.  Most of the animals were animatronic, but there were some live animals.  The show ends with Noah and his family leaving the Ark.  The sides of the Ark drop down leaving the keel and a top portion of the deck, creating what looks like a cross.  Jesus appears at the keel and talks about the second coming and how everyone should prepare themselves.  As we were leaving, an announcement was made that if anyone needed help with their faith, they have people to talk to.

Now that I have told you what happens, I should mention a few things I noticed.  I sat in row MM and the view was wonderful so I would say any seat is a good seat.  The theater is set up row A – Y on the floor and AA – SS is stadium seating.  I did notice several people turning in their seats cause there really isn’t much foot room and the seats were uncomfortable.  My knees were also at the head of the person sitting in front of me so I was trying to avoid hitting his head.  For people that need a wider seat, they do have chairs they can put in handicap spaces.  There is a cry room in the upper back right corner of the theater, but looking inside I noticed you have to stand up to see over row SS seats.

I liked the show and would go back again, given the chance.  You can tell that the theater spent lots of money on the set and the actors were great.  The music was canned but as the actors were leaving the theater, I noticed microphones so I think the voices are live.

To make sure you get a chance to see the show, go to or call 417-239-4274.  Tell them you read the review on and you will get $1 off an adult ticket.