Liverpool Legends                 

This show takes you on a whirlwind tour of the beginning, till the end of the Beatles.  It’s a fascinating journey as we listen to the music that excited an entire generation.  Our evening starts out with a short video presentation, narrated by Louise Harrison, on the humble beginnings of this 4 man band called the Beatles.  We hear how the only things that come out of Liverpool are comics.  The video sets us up for the beginning of the show and the Beatle Mania that began with the February, 1964 appearance of the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show.

The Liverpool Legends open the show with “I Wanna Hold Your Hand”, “All My Loving”, and “She Loves You”.   I thought it was a nice touch that after every song, they bowed to the audience.  When the guys talked to each other on stage, they called each other by the person they were portraying, John, Paul, George, & Ringo.  Throughout the night, they played 28 Beatles songs.  I won’t list them all, but there are some special ones I will mention in the review.  I can tell you that the songs you hear are progressive.  By that I mean the songs sung in the first half are from 1964 – 1965.  The second half are from 1967 – 1970. 

The styles of clothes and hair are from that period of the Beatles lives.  When asked to play Sergeant Pepper during the first half of the show, John promptly replied, “We haven’t written that yet, but that’s a great idea for a song.”  It was cool to have them BE the Beatle they were supposed to be on stage. 

Louise Harrison came out on stage just before the second half started and answered questions about her brother George or the rest of the band.  You could tell that she took her time and found just the right people to put in the Liverpool Legends show.  One of the guys behind the curtain started strumming his guitar as an indicator to Louise that it was time to get the second half started.  A fun loving group of guys.

During  the second half there were several costume changes  as the guys “got older”.  We again saw video that explained the growing apart of the band and the changing styles in their music.  I especially enjoyed the Sergeant Pepper segment where we got to see the yellow submarine cross the stage, and near the end of the show, they played “Something” and encouraged couples to dance with their loved ones in the aisles.  Lots of people took advantage of the opportunity.

If you like Beatles music, (and who doesn’t), This is one show you do not want to miss.  None of the music was prerecorded – it was all live, but it would be hard for anyone, even the most hardcore Beatles fan, to tell them apart from the Beatles themselves.  I HIGHLY recommend this show.  As always I have gotten you a great $2.50 discount off the Box Office price by going through  Call 417-239-4274 and tell them you want to see the show.