Legends in Concert


Went to the Legends in Concert show last night and it was a real treat.  We enjoyed seeing, not just one impersonator, we saw several.  All of them were wonderful singers.

The night’s entertainment started with Stacy Whitten performing as Shania Twain.  She came out singing, “I feel like a woman” and that was the perfect song for her.  She is quite beautiful and has a voice that is indiscernible from Shania’s.  Listening to her, I knew we were in for a great show.  She continued with singing, “That don’t impress me much”, “Any man of mine”, and “Don’t be Stupid”.  She slowed the tempo down with “Your still the one”, but brought it back up again singing a duet with Justin Clark -  “Party for two”, and finished with “(If your not in it for love), I’m outta here”.  It was truly a delight to hear her sing.

Next up was Shawn Barker as Johnny Cash.  He came out dressed in all black with his black guitar and sang with Johnny’s deep voice.  “Folsom prison blues” was his first tune and followed it up with “I walk the line”.  Shawn played two harmonicas while performing the “Orange Blossom Special” for us.  I am sure glad he wasn’t singing about me in the next tune, “Boy named sue”.  Stacy joined Shawn on stage for a wonderful duet, “Jackson”.   Shawn finished his act with “Ring of fire”. 

The Blues Brothers, Art Vargas as Jake and Justin Clark as Elwood, took the stage singing “Gimme some lovin”.  In the classic Blues Brothers style, they were all over the stage.  Justin was dancing and playing his harmonica.  They performed the musical hits, “Soul Man”, “Flip Flop Fly”, and “I Ain’t Got You”.  The crowd started clapping along during “Sweet Home Chicago”, “Messin with the kid”, and “Twistin’ “.  With the rowdy group we had I was surprised noone got up and started dancing doing the mashed potato or the twist, or the wa-tusy.  (Forgive my spelling) They really got the crowd going.

After intermission it was time for the King – Elvis was in the building.  Well, maybe it was Dean Zeligman as Elvis, but Dean had a lot of the Elvis moves down – shaking his hips, and balancing on his toes.  Make sure to check out my pictures for that one.  Dean sang such classics as “Shake, Rattle, and Roll”, “Feel so lonely I could die”, “One night with you”,” Teddy Bear”, and “Don’t be cruel”.  He sang a song I had not heard before, but I’m sure die hard Elvis fans have, “I got stung”.  Dean sang the Gospel song “Peace in the Valley” before finishing his portion of the show with “Jail House Rock”. 

The last act for the night was just as wonderful as the rest of the night had been.  Nate Evans, Richie Stanley, Gregory Lee, Curtis Taylor, and Reggie Reed came out to sing as the Temptations.  “Get ready” was a good opener for this act cause they came on strong and kept the crowd at high energy till the very last song.  They sang “Ain’t too proud to beg”, “Papa was a rolling stone”, “Cloud Nine”, “Just my imagination”, and  “The way you do the things you do”.   They finished with “My Girl”. 

Overall, it would be a crime if I didn’t recommend this show.  The performers change periodically throughout the year so you may see others there, but I’m sure they will be as high quality as the performers I was privileged to see.

To make sure you get a chance to see the show, go to BransonQuicktix.com or call 417-239-4274.  Tell them you read the review on Bransonmom.com and you will get $3 off an adult ticket.