Kirby VanBurch 2010

Kirby was in Top Form last night performing illusion after illusion without a hitch, making the audience laugh and never missing a chance to smile and have fun with the audience.  I think this is going to be a great year for the Kirby VanBurch Magic Show.

The show opened with several illusions, back to back with no talking.  Girls disappearing, Tigers appearing, 2 girls cut in half and switching torsos, Kirby switching places with his female assistants, a Python appearing in a box that a girl was just in, a Panther changing places with 2 girls in the same box - and all this in just the first 15 min of the show.  Kirby shows a video of his white Bengal cubs that aren't so small anymore.  On the cat tour after the show you can see these magnificent animals that are bigger than I am at this point.  

Kirby greeted the audience and for his next illusion, he chose a 5 yr old boy to help him.  You can tell that Kirby has been doing this for some time cause he was very patient with his wanting to talk thru the whole trick.  Between the little boy's comments and Kirby's responses, they had the whole crowd laughing hysterically.  Kirby finally had the opportunity to walk thru the solid mirror and awarded the boy with gift certificates and a new car (matchbox car that is).  He finished the first half with tearing up a newspaper and making a woman float on water fountain streams.  Leaving the stage was amazing as he rode a motorcycle into a cage, it lifted off the ground, and in a flash he reappeared on stage - still on the motorcycle!

I will not tell you all the illusions you will see but hope you get an idea from the ones listed above.  You will also see Benjamin Sparticus and his lovely assistant as they expertly use a crossbow to hit paper thin targets and various other objects.  He even shot an arrow thru an apple on his own head using 6 crossbows at once.  You have to see it to believe it.  Kirby left the show with a thread trick, breaking it into several pieces and putting it all back together as he told the story of his grandmother.  It was very touching and cool at the same time - using glow in the dark string.

I have some pictures below for you to enjoy, but do have to tell you that I was given special permission to take photos during the show for my reading audience.  There are NO PHOTOS or video allowed during the show.  I highly recommend this show for kids of all ages cause it does keep a 5 yr old's attention throughout the show - you all know what I mean.  I hope you enjoy the show - I know I did.

To make sure you get to go to this wonderful show, call 417-239-4274 or visit  

Pay just $30.00 an Adult, That's $6.71 off the Box Office rate.

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