Kirby VanBurch


What a night we had, filled with wonder and awe.  We went to the Kirby and Bambi VanBurch show last night and were amazed at the illusions performed on stage.  People were disappearing and reappearing all night long, and if they didn’t reappear, there was an animal of some kind in their place.

Of course Kirby took the lead and opened the show with several disappearing / reappearing assistants on stage.  Branson, the white tiger, made his appearance early in the show.  Kirby even split two girls in half at the same time – one dressed in all red, the other in all blue.  By the time he put them back together, the red one had the blue girls legs and visa versa.  We can only hope he fixed them backstage.  Kirby also put Bambi into a large box where she disappeared.  He spun the box around and pulled out a large snake.  Spun the box again and out comes a beautiful black panther.  He spun it once again and out comes Bambi.  One illusion had two women climb into a box on a pedestal.  Kirby proceeded to push spikes thru the box, only to show us that the women had disappeared.  After removing the spikes, a leopard appeared in the box.  Simply amazing.  No wonder he won the Merlin award.

We were then treated to a demonstration of skill and precision with the crossbow by Benjamin Sparticus.  He first shot targets held by his lovely assistant, balloons, cards, flowers.  He then shot thru a sheet of paper with an arrow, and severed the strings on four balloons with another arrow.  His amazing act came to a close with the alignment of 5 crossbows at each other so that when he shot the first, each would set off the next with the last arrow piercing an apple on top of his own head- all this while being blindfolded for that first shot.  His assistant told him thru up, down, left, right instructions for where the first target was.  It all happened so fast we heard “shoot” and arrows started flying back and forth till the last arrow went right thru the apple.

Kirby brought an 8 yr old boy on stage and amazed him as he walked thru a mirror.  Kirby introduced us to a new illusion that night.  He cut off his assistants head, moved it to another table and showed us her smiling face, happy as could be.  I’m very glad he put her back together.  Attention then turned to Bambi who is a magician in her own right.  She was awarded the female magician Merlin award – her second in two years.  Kirby went into the audience and asked her to identify items, peoples names, birth dates, and several other things.  They didn't miss a beat as Bambi got everything right.

In the next illusion, Bambi is made to float on top of little fountains of water.  Kirby makes the water rise higher and Bambi rises too.  This was beautiful to see.  Bambi and Kirby performed so many illusions it would take a long time to list them all.  I will tell you that I have seen many magicians do the folding box trick, but none preformed it as well as Bambi did.  Kirby was also impressive when he cut Bambi in half on a flat table and separated the two halves of the table, while her ankles were tied to a strap held by one man while another held a strap around her neck.  No idea how he pulled that one off, but then that’s the fun of illusions.  He also made a helicopter appear on stage within a matter of seconds from a curtain dropping in front of a large metal frame. 

The last illusion of the night was Kirby holding neon colored thread in front of a black light. Telling us of his grandmother and breaking the thread into several pieces, telling us how life can be hard and feels like your coming apart sometimes.  I believe her words were “trust in Jesus and he will make you whole again”.  Kirby pulls the ends of the thread and it’s back to one piece again.  Not amazing, but definitely inspiring.  

This show will delight kids of all ages.  They have a stage presence that starts strong and only intensifies as the show goes on.  If you like being amazed, Kirby and Bambi are a must see while in Branson.

To make sure you get a chance to see the show, go to or call 417-239-4274.  Tell them you read the review on and you will get $4 off an adult ticket.