JEERK 2010

JEERK is a nonstop rhythm show that everyone MUST see, and easily receives my vote for best new show in Branson!

The set was simple, 2 swinging fences that they used sparingly, but truth be told they didn’t need an eccentric set. The costumes were simple; usually a white shirt and complimenting black and plaid pants along with their custom tap shoe high-tops. The lights were simple, usually a spot light, some ambient color and often they were silhouetted against a colored backdrop. BUT, where their set, costumes, and lights were sparse, the group known as JEERK more than made up for it with their energy, theatricality, and nonstop excitement.

Something easily noticed right of the bat was their intense energy. You could be one of 5 audience members there and their energy would still floor you and you’d still be enjoying a phenomenal show. The best part about that is, the more audience members they have – the more energy they produce. Someone could come expecting the worst out of them and still be thundering applause their way by the intermission.

The comedy was great with the perfect level of subtlety. I’m one that likes a comedian’s personality first and foremost. Consistently these impressive men were doing something in the background that left me busting out laughing – and thankfully I wasn’t alone.

Throughout the entire performance I kept looking for what would be my favorite moment, their most resounding performance throughout the entire production. But just as I thought “this will be my favorite part,” they one-upped themselves again and again. Their instruments ranged from classical to unique, as they included boards, drums, pipes, guitars, bottles, tins, spoons, a piano, and everything else they could get their hands on to make a truly spectacular performance that will have you tapping your foot and clapping along the entire time.

I truly appreciated the way their side jokes and “cutscenes” meshed together – and as much as I would love to elaborate, all I can say is certainly pay attention to the videos because they tie into the performance really well.

If you’re looking for something new, fun, and leaps and bounds away from the norm, give this show a try and I promise you it will leave you wanting more. All I can say is move over Stomp, JEERK is cutting in!

Branson Son (Steve Schaeperkoetter)

To make sure you get to go to this wonderful show, call 417-239-4274 or visit  Follow this link to see their 2010 show schedule.

Pay just $30.42 an Adult, That's $4.00 off the Box Office rate.

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