Hamner-Barber Variety Show 2009

We wanted to go to a show last night but couldn't agree on which one. One person wanted Magic and the other wanted Comedy. Then it hit us - we could have both - The Hamner-Barber Variety Show. The Hamners provide the Magic - including exotic birds and fantastic illusions.  Jim Barber provides the laughs using his ventrilloquism and just plain fun with the audience.

For obvious reasons, cameras are not allowed during the show, but I got special permission to take some photos to give you a taste of what you can expect to see during the show.  You'll see card tricks, birds appearing out of thin air, slight of hand coin tricks, a levitating woman and the Hamner's own illusion - Vertigo - a death defying escape and rescue illusion.  Something you have to see to believe.

Jim Barber is funny all by himself - even without his puppets.  You'll be introduced to Seville the opera singer, Chico Pete the mexican Chihuahua, Baby looking for blanky, and a chimp playing the Xylophone.  Jim also has a side job playing Austin Powers during the show - Yeah Baby Yeah.  We were also introduced to the Sucrets, a singing group of volunteers, doing their rendition of "Stop In The Name Of Love".  

Of special note is the ending of the show.  Jim Barber and Dave Hamner have created a wonderful tribute to the veterans.  Any description I give would not do it justice.  If your a veteran, or have a family member in active service, I hope you get a chance to see this tribute for yourself.

To make sure you get to go to this wonderful show, call 417-239-4274 or visit BransonQuicktix.com.  Follow this link to see their 2009 show schedule.

Pay just $29.36 an Adult, That's $3.00 off the Box Office rate.


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