The Duttons


Went to go see the Dutton’s show the other night and one thing came to mind for me; What a wonderful show for kids.  People are always asking me about shows they can take their kids to that will keep the attention of a 2 to 12 year old.  Granted, all kids are different, but most will not sit still during a show unless they have animals or do some amazing feats of acrobatics.  The Dutton show is, I’m happy to say, one exception to that rule.  They have made their show filled with music and made it fun to watch.  I applaud the Duttons for making their show kid friendly for ages 2 to 99.

The show begins with a short video displaying their amazing feat of making it to the final 10 acts on America’s Got Talent.  The curtain rises to show the whole family as they play a medley of songs, “Uncle Penn”, “Rocky Top”, “Jambalaya”, “If Your Gonna Play In Texas”, and “I’ve Been Everywhere”.  Then it’s introduction time; Abigail, Benjamin, Jonathan, Amy, Timothy, Judith (Tim’s wife), Sheila (mom), and Dean (dad).  That’s not all the family members that appear on stage as you’ll soon find out.  The family breaks out in song as they play “Foggy Mountain Breakdown” and Cotton Eyed Joe”.  Amy really got the crowd hopping with her “Orange Blossom Special”, that girl can really play.  All my pictures of that song had her fingers blurry, they were moving so fast.  They played “Good Enough For Now” before moving on to the Mary Poppins segment.

Yes, I said Mary Poppins, starting with Natalia and Timmy singing “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” with Jonathon, Tim, and Amy for musical accompaniment.  Surprisingly, they had several “penguins” pass by.  Amazing what you can dress a kid up to be.  They opened the curtains to reveal the rooftops in London where Benjamin and several other chimney sweeps were dancing to “Step In Time”.  The segment ended with a full size Mary Poppins coming out of a chimney and dancing with Burt (aka Benjamin).  What would the show be without the next song, ”Let’s Go Fly a Kite”. Amy and Judith delight the audience with their singing and real kites flying over the audience’s head.

Amy played us a beautiful violin solo of the Russian song “Czardus”.  Directly following this, Christmas was in the air as they sang “Carol of the Bells” in candlelight.  They ended the first half with “Silent Night” and the Gospel great “Go Tell It On The Mountain”.

The second half begins with lots of Christmas color and cheer as Amy, Abigail, and Judith sing “Jingle Bell Rock” and “Santa Claus is Comin’ in a Boogie Woogie Choo Choo Train”.  Benjamin and his wife Brande dance a little Boogie Woogie for us as the lights go dim we see their clothes glow in the black light.  Dean takes center stage and starts singing about Christmas Cookies.  Sheila starts mixing the batter on stage and before you know it, she emerges from off stage and the people in the center front row get cookies.  Made me hungry for cookies – like only mom can make!!!  Of course Sheila must have left the oven door open cause before the song was done, little gingerbread boys and girls ran across the stage.  Abigail got her chance at center stage with “Winter Wonderland”.  The girl really puts her heart into her singing.  Frosty appeared on stage and two of the Dutton boys (Timmy and Benjamin) began singing “Frosty – Can’t Touch This”.  Frosty busted a move with the boys as they rocked the house.  Tim followed this with his own song, “Hanging Around the Mistletoe”.  He snuck a few cheek kisses from audience members before getting a good one from Judith his wife at the end.  Way to go Tim!

Ben and Abigail do some world class clogging for us to “Up on the Housetop” just before Amy and Judith sing “Hannakkuh’s Child”.  Jessica, also one of Dean and Sheila’s kids, begins us off with “Once Upon a December”.  The curtain opens to reveal a music box ballerina girl, Rachel.  This segment is one you have to watch to fully appreciate it.  Words could not do it justice.  At the end of it, Benjamin the toy soldier dances with Jessica.  Santa makes an appearance during the next segment and several little children are invited on stage.  Santa really knows how to dance.  Surprising for a man his age, but your only as old as you think you are I guess.

The show comes to a close with a Patriotic Salute to all the veterans and a special dance by Bella Dutton.  The last song of the night was “Boil Them Cabbage Down”.  The Duttons have no problem showing you just why they made it to the top 10 in the competition.  They all switch off playing different instruments.

I hope you can see by my review and by the pictures below that the show is simply wonderful and a joy to watch.  If you have kids, this is one show you don’t want to miss, especially if the kids are between 2 and 99.  To make sure you get to go to this wonderful show, call 417-239-4274 and pay just $27.00 an Adult.  That's $4.00 off the Box Office rate.