Doug Gabriel

Some people say that morning shows are like evening shows, just earlier in the day.  For most shows, I’m not so sure that’s true, but for one show I can tell you, it had everything an evening show has and more.  The Doug Gabriel show is wonderful.  Not only do you get to hear Doug’s Kenny Rogers like voice, but you get Cheryl Gabriel to boot.  She’s as beautiful as she is talented.

Both of them are talented and together on stage, you can feel the love they have for each other.  It shows thru in their singing.  But the show is not filled with all love songs, oh no.  They do sing several duets like “Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man” and “Meet me in Montana”, but they also have fun on stage.  Cheryl came out dressed as Dolly Parton for the “Islands in the Stream” duet. 

The show isn’t all about Doug and Cheryl either.  Their son Josh teamed up with Michael Hermsmeyer and did a glow in the dark drum act they called the Invisible Drummer.  Several of the band members got a chance to show off their own singing talents throughout the show like Mitch Keirsey singing “On the Road Again”, and Michael Hermsmeyer performing “Devil went down to Georgia”.

Doug had several opportunities to show why he has won so many “Male Vocalist” awards.  He truly loves to be on stage, and it shows in his performance.  He played several instruments too.  His World Famous Mufftar on which he learned how to play the guitar.  He played the William Tell Overture, which most of you recognize as the Lone Ranger theme song.  Doug also played a very difficult piece by Roy Clark, “Malaguena”.  You would think that’s impressive by itself, but Doug doesn’t know how to read music.  He plays by ear and learned it by listening to Roy Clark recordings.  Doug also played “Exodus” on the piano. 

During the show, one lucky audience member, David, was invited on stage to help Doug out with the Elvis song, “All Shook Up”.  Little did he know he was to dress for the part as well.  I think David will remember his time on stage for a some time, especially if he reads my review and sees the pictures.  Doug sang a song, “I See Me There”, which he wrote for his dad who passed away a few years ago.  It’s beautiful and fits well in the Gospel portion of the show.

You can’t go wrong seeing the Doug Gabriel show in the morning.  It’s a great way to start your day.  As always I have gotten you a great $3.00 discount off the Box Office price by going through  Call 417-239-4274 and tell them you want to see the show.