Dalena Ditto


I am so please to tell you about the next show in my weekly reviews – Dalena Ditto.  It is a delightful morning show – filled with country music and plenty of laughs.  Just the thing to get your motor started for a day in Branson.  Along with Dalena are some talented entertainers that we have mentioned before from different shows, as well as some new ones that make this show awesome.

Dalena starts the show from backstage singing the National Anthem.  It was nice to see everyone stand and put hand to heart.  What a wonderfully patriotic way to start the show.  When the curtain opened, Dalena came out singing a George Strait song, “Heartland”, followed by “Candy Kisses”.  Dalena liked to include the audience in her show and picked John for her first of three men she sang to.  John came on stage as Dalena sang “Go Away” by Lorrie Morgan.  She tried to get him to dance as she did, but he had his own ideas and did some Charleston dancing.  It was quite funny.  As Dalena went back stage to change into another of several beautiful dresses she wore throughout the show, the drummer Rob Wilson sang, “Before the next teardrop falls”.  Larry Alred followed with “All my Ex’s live in Texas”.

Larry and Dalena sang several duets when she came back on stage.  Patty Davison took the stage with her puppets Dan & Lucy.  She used her puppets to create a three person rendition of Abbot & Costello’s “Who’s on First” skit.  I think she did the whole thing, word for word.  Not easy to do when your talking to yourself – I’m sure, but she pulled it off and had the audience laughing hysterically.  To finish, she – and the puppets – sang “Take me out to the Ball Game”. 

Dalena came back out and sang several more country songs like “Born to Lose”, “I Fall to Pieces”, and “Crazy”.  She then began the Gospel portion of the show with a very inspirational song “You Raise Me Up”.  She followed this with “Why Me Lord”, “I’ll Fly Away”, “By and By Lord”, and “I Saw the Light”.  After a 15 min break, the second half opened with Darrell Croy, (previously mentioned in the 50’s at the Hop review), singing “Great Balls of Fire”.  That song always gets the crowd excited – especially when Darrell sings it.  Stephanie McKinney, (previously mentioned in the Tony Roi review), sings “Under Your Spell Again” before Dalena takes the stage again.

Next Dalena sings a song her dad wrote, “Me and the Steel Guitar”, highlighting the talents of Greg Moody on the steel guitar.  I do want to mention that when Dalena sang the “Tennessee Waltz”, there was a couple that got up to dance.  It was nice, but you could tell there wasn’t much room to dance.  After several more songs, the band took over the stage and sang some Bluegrass.  Bonnie Riley, (previously mentioned in the Penny Gilley review), played her fiddle doing the “Orange Blossom Special” and clogged a little for us.  Along with her were Greg Moody on the mandolin, Larry Alred on Bass and Dino Strunk, (previously mentioned in the Joe Diffee review).

Patty Davison returns along with her puppets Dan & Lucy to sing “I’ve Been Everywhere”.  The amazing part was she sang it in the round with her puppets. Each location was sung in Dan’s voice, then Lucy’s voice, then Patty’s own voice.  Never missed a beat – I was thoroughly impressed.  Dalena and Stephanie sing a beautiful duet of Reba McEntire’s, “Does He Love You”.  The end of the show gets patriotic again with the closing song, “America the Beautiful”.  A good ending for such a wonderful show.

If your looking for a Country Music morning show, you can’t go wrong with this one.  If you call 417-239-4274, you can get adult tickets for $26.00.  That’s $2.00 off the box office price.