Celebrate America

The best way to describe this show would have to include the words wonderful and entertaining.  This theatrical presentation of the history of America includes singing, dancing, and a message.  The message is that millions of people have risked their lives over the centuries to create and protect the freedom that we Americans enjoy.

The show begins with a family crossing the stage.  The father is going off to Iraq to serve his country, leaving behind a wife, daughter and grandfather.  The daughter talks to the grandfather, asking why daddy has to leave.  So begins the story of how, in the history of this country, men have had to fight for their freedom.  We see the daughter and grandfather “travel” through time and experience the life and times of the people of America. 

We watch as Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and John Adams talk amongst themselves about the Declaration of Independence.  And so begins the struggle to become free from the British. The screen on the back wall shows many “scenes” about the revolutionary war.  This is just the beginning of our journey thru time watching the growth and struggles America has been through in the past 200+ years.

See Civil War soldiers meeting up and discussing putting their differences aside, Railroad workers laying down rail singing “16 tons”, Cowboys and Cowgirls out on the range, and Dance Hall Girls in an old time saloon.  Generation after generation is displayed on stage and how they had to endure difficulties to build this great country.  Represented on stage are World War 1, The Great Depression, Immigration, World War 2, as well as the good times, like the Roaring 20’s and Broadway in the 40’s.

We are reminded of the Korean War, Vietnam War, and Dessert Storm.  How our men and women fought and died to keep America free; how our fighting men and women should be treated as heroes cause that’s what they are – True Heroes.  They put their lives on the line to make sure we can enjoy the freedoms we currently take for granted.

The show ends with the father coming home to his family and the whole town they live in sings “God Bless America”.  Overall, this show is part history and part song and dance, but it is 100% entertaining.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

To make sure you get a chance to see the show, go to BransonQuicktix.com or call 417-239-4274.  Tell them you read the review on Bransonmom.com and you will get $4 off an adult ticket.