Branson Happenings

January 2010


Another year of whatís happening in good old Branson, MO.

Well, to start the year off I want to say HI and welcome to website. So, happy youíre here and hope to see more of you in the future.

Whatís happening in Branson now from November 1st 2009 (Saturday) till January 15th (Friday) is the White Flight at the Butterfly Palace. Thousands of white butterflies flutter like living snowflakes amid a rainforest sparkling with thousands of twinkling lights, while fantastic holiday music fills your soul.  Itís truly an unforgettable sight to behold! These breathtaking angels will amaze you with their quiet beauty and joyful peace and will stun you when they suddenly come to life! Each self-guided holiday journey also includes a 3-D movie about butterflies, a sneak peek at some amazing creatures inside the Living Rainforest Science Center, and a chance to get lost inside the Emerald Forest Mirror Maze. Itís something the whole family will truly enjoy.

Well on January 16th (Tuesday) is the Fourth Annual Ice Sculpting Competition. It is held and the Titanic Museum on highway 76 and Gretna road. This event something amazing to behold because just within hours these fine ice carvers can and will transform 250-pound blocks of ice into dazzling creations. We have seen this event and have taken pictures of the after math of what these masters can do with ice. This event is free for all I to see and will showcase the talents of ice carvers from across the country.

Happing on January 30th (Saturday) is the Masters Trout Championship at Lilleys' Landing Resort and Marina. This event is an open to the public annual fishing tournament on Lake Taneycomo. It's a cold-water lake that offers great rainbow and brown trout fishing. The catch-and-release tournament rules require artificial baits only. Entry fee is $50 for each 2-man team. Cash prices and trophies will be awarded. There is also a Big Trout Pots that are awarded for the heaviest brown and rainbow trout. So if you donít mind a little cold and love to fish then this event is right up your stream. Donít miss out. 

Also happening that I just wanted to through out there. Happening in Springfield, MO on the 22nd, 23rd, 24th is once again VisionCon. If you love conventions then this is one event you donít want to miss out on. Itís a blast! You can dress up as your favorite sci-fi character or just about any you can think of. We are apart of a star wars group called the 501st. We dress up for didnít charities and whatever money we make goes to that. We do it for free but seeing little kids faces just light up when we come into a room is so worth it. So, if youíre around the area or can make the trip then come on by and lets have some fun. If you need any info more on this contact me at my email address and I can get you the info you need.††

If you need help finding out something that isnít on this list you can contact Branson Dad at (417) 239-4274. He is also a ticket re-sale guy so if you have any questions about that too then he is open 24/7 so donít hesitate to call.

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