Branson Happenings

December 2010


Merry Christmas!!!

Happening on December 3rd (Friday) and December 4th (Saturday) and on December 10th (Friday) and December 11th (Saturday) is Santa and His Reindeer at the Titanic Museum on highway 76 and Gretna road.  Father Christmas and his regal reindeer will come pranciní back this year to entertain and enchant families for two weekends in December. So stop on in and tell santa what you want for Christmas while you can also take pictures with him and his reindeer. For more info on this event contact phone number is (417) 334-9500.


On December 5th (Sunday) is the 62nd Annual Adoration Parade & Lighting Ceremony in downtown Branson and Branson Landing area. The lighting ceremony beginnings at 5:30 p.m. of the adoration up on the hill on the far side of the Branson Landing then once it lit the parade will start. Itís a fun event that I try to attend every year. I hope if youíre in Branson around this time you will stroll on down and watch this exciting event.  


Also on going events I mentioned in Nov will still be going on in December. If you donít recall the info is still in the November Branson Happenings page.


If you need help finding out something that isnít on this list you can contact Branson Dad at (417) 239-4274. He is also a ticket re-sale guy so if you have any questions about that too then he is open 24/7 so donít hesitate to call.

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