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February 12, 2010

It's a new year and the town is hopping!  Hi everyone and welcome back to

Let me tell you a few things about what I've seen so far here in Branson.  Clay Cooper has moved to the theater at the corner of Gretna and 76.  It is now the Clay Cooper theater.  The theater is being renovated inside and out.  The theater will be hosting the Clay Cooper show, Neal McCoy, and Buck Owens.

The Osmonds have moved to Music City Center in 2010.  The theater will also be hosting Paul Harris.  

The Hollywood Wax Museum is finishing it's renovations with a giant King Kong on the outside of the building.  The new extension of Fall Creek road from hwy 76 to Roark to make it easier to travel around the back roads.   

2010 has been really white in Branson.  We have had 3 significant snowfalls and as I look outside, there is still snow on the ground.  Because of the snow, the Hot Winter Fun Big Show has been postponed till Feb 17th.  If your going to be around, you can't beat the value for previewing several shows at one time.  Check it out.

I have been working really hard at collecting all the show calendars to get the daily show schedule put together again.  I am glad I had so much positive feedback and hope to have the new schedules up within the next few weeks.  I am also thinking about opening up a poll for readers favorite shows, or the other option is to open up a forum page where comments to me will be posted for other readers to see.   Your thoughts would be appreciated.  Polls are quicker, but emailed comments are more personal.

Well, enough for now.  Have a great Day!!!!! 



October 16th, 2009

Hello everyone!!  I think it's high time I wrote something on here.  After all, I haven't had the time to go see any shows to do reviews for you.  Things are a little hectic around here.  Some shows like the new Cirque Montage will not be performing this year like they wanted.  Other shows like Penny Gilley (at the Branson Star Theater) are finally opening.  Kirby and Bambi VanBurch are getting a divorce and Kirby has cancelled all his shows till Nov 1 to put together a new show.  Mickey Gilley is still not performing due to his back injury he sustained back in July.  There is only one week left for some shows before the theaters close to change to Christmas shows.  Noah closes this weekend and takes two weeks to convert to Miracle of Christmas.  Should be Spectacular.

The new 2010 calendars are starting to arrive at the house via fax.  Something else to keep me busy entering the new schedules into the calendar program so I can fill next years show dates on the vacation planner page. 

As for the family, Branson son is at college during the week and home on weekends.  Doing great at MSU but has yet to hear about how much financial aid he will be getting.  I hope he hears soon.  It it causing a lot of stress and worry about keeping him in school.  This weekend the Branson family will be decorating for Halloween.  Should be fun..... love seeing the kids in costume.  Last year had over 300 kids stop by.  Looking to see how many we get this year.  Then we decorate for Christmas.  Branson Mom never liked turning the lights on till after Thanksgiving.  She never liked skipping any Holiday.  If the budget allows, I'll turn on the Christmas lights for a few hours a night.  I love seeing cars drive by slowly to stare at the decorated house and yard.  We do Christmas up BIG.

Well, enough for now.  Have a great Day!!!!! 



August 27th, 2009

What a hectic summer I've had!!!  I hope you all had a good one yourselves.  As many of you know, I sell show tickets at a discount through Branson Quicktix.  I have been so busy helping visitors to have a great time in Branson, I have not had time to do any show reviews.  I am sorry about that but hope to have a review for you very soon.

Gas prices have held at around $2.45 a gallon for the summer.  I am very thankfull for that.  I know it's wishfull thinking, but it would be nice if it came back down to around $2 or less.

Branson Son turned 21 this month.  He was all excited and had to get his license renewed on his birthday showing him to be an adult.  He's at MSU now for his junior year in college. 

The town has slowed down a little these past few weeks but I expect things to liven back up before too long.  New shows are starting up like The Osmonds, Andy Williams, and a new Cirque show at the Tri-Lakes Theater.  I look forward to seeing all three.


May 24th, 2009

Hey everyone!  Well gas prices are slowly creaping up.  I saw $2.34 a gallon yesterday on the Strip.  Last week I saw $2.19 in Branson West.  I am hoping they keep gas low this summer.  Went to Silver Dollar City last week and saw Marvel cave for the first time (that I can remember).  It was beautiful!!!  The pictures to the right are from the trip.  Jeromy and Rachael were our guides and made sure we all made it out just fine.  Thanks to both of them for being patient while I took pictures.  The cave is free to people who pay to get into SDC.  It does take a while and they will warn you (several times) not to go if you can't do stairs.  I found it to be easy and so did an old couple that were with us.  As for the Bar-B-Que festival, I didn't see much Bar-B-Que-ing going on. They must have been in the Red Gold Hall that I didn't go into.  The whole town is buzzing with visitors this weekend.  The strip was packed - even at 8:30pm.  Time for me to run - more later.  Have an Awesome Day!!!!!!


May 8th, 2009

On May 6th the cast of Peter Pan took over the Titanic to announce the opening of the Broadway Hit at the Mansion on May 23rd.  Cathy Rigby stars as Peter Pan.  She was joined at the Titanic by Robert Westinberg as Captain Hook, Kim Crosby as Mrs. Darling, Derrick Snow as Smee, and Chloe Leatherwood as Tiger Lily.  I got to speak to Chloe, who just happens to be Cathy's Neice.  She is a delightful young woman and I can't wait to see the production!!!