Bobby Vinton


“HO HO” was the common phrase at the Bobby Vinton show last night.  Bobby got the crowd started saying “HO HO” between songs.  It was nice hearing all the old classics sung by Bobby – live.  You can tell he truly loves performing in front of his audience.  Although he is performing in Branson at the Mansion at Christmas time, he doesn’t sing any Christmas songs.

I had never had the chance to see Bobby Vinton in his own theater here in Branson, so I wasn’t sure what to expect.  The Glen Miller band came out on stage, followed by some beautiful women – later to be introduced as Bobby’s daughters and daughter-in-laws.  The music started, the women in unison introduced Bobby and he came on stage with so much pep in his step I thought he must have been drinking a pot of coffee.  He sang “I Only Have Eyes For You”, “Blue on Blue”, and “Sealed with a Kiss”.  We heard more classics like, “I Love How You Love Me” and “Roses Are Red”.  Hanna, Bobby’s daughter, sang “That’s What I Like About You”.

Bobby returned to the stage and showed us how many instruments he could play – Trumpet, Sax, Piano, and Clarinet.  Told us about his growing up and playing with his father’s band.  Bobby’s son was also there, playing with the band, and came out front to sing “Gotta Have Heart” with Bobby.  Bobby told us how he was inducted into the Las Vegas Hall of Fame.  He created a song about all the other performers that took the same stage as him, leaving their energy there.  The song contained snippets of such songs as “New York, New York”, “To All The Girls I Loved Before”, “Love Me Tender”, and “Cabaret”.  Bobby finished the first half with “Mister Lonely” and a duet with Hanna singing selections from Phantom of the Opera.

The second half began with the Glen Miller Band playing “In The Mood” and couples were encouraged to dance on stage.  A few couples went while others danced in the aisles.  Bobby came out and started singing Polka songs like “Beer Barrel Polka”.  He followed this with many more of his classic songs, “Tell Me Why”, Don’t Stop Loving Me”, and “My Heart Belongs to You”.  His daughters took the stage and sang an Andrew Sister’s hit “Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree”. After the four Vinton’s sang “Sunrise Sunset” and “These are the Days”, Bobby delighted the audience with “Blue Velvet”.

I was happy to see Bobby come into the audience and sing most of the second half from the aisles, taking the hands of women audience members and posing with them for pictures by their husbands.  He was energetic and happy to be on stage.  I hope I have that much energy when I get to his age.  If you have never seen Bobby on stage, you really should make the time to come see him.  He sings his own as well as other great performers’ classic hits.  You won’t be disappointed.

If your looking for a Classic Music show, you can’t go wrong with this one.  If you call 417-239-4274, you can get adult tickets for $41.00.  That’s $1.00 off the box office price.